Cabbage Kootu

This cabbage kootu is very special in Tamilnadu.Every vegetarian family will have this kootu alteast ones in a week.It a sidedish.It will be good will rice,roti & puri also.But,lazy cooks like me can use this kootuas main dish for rice.It will be ready within 20mts.


1/2 lb Caggage
1 cup Chana d
al (boiled)
1 tsp Cumin seeds
3 Green chilles
1 Medium size onion
1 Medium size tomato
1/2 cup Shedded coconut
Salt for taste


1. Pre-heat the oil in a kadai splutter some cumin seeds.

2. Add the chopped onion & cillies fry till golden brown.Add the chopped tomato,turmeric powder & salt & cook for4-5mts.

3. Add the cabbage & cook for 6-7 mts.

4. Then, add the chana dal & transfer the cabbage in to the pressure cooker & cook till 1whistle.

5. Open the cooker & added the shedded coconut & cook for next 5-6mts.

6. Cabbage kootu is ready serve hot with rice,roti & puri.


maneka nirmal said…
hey deepa..i make cabbege kootu once in a kerala ,we call it cabbege is nice..keep cooking...
Lera said…
hi deepa, it's a yummy cabbage dish,looks delicious.:)
Prema Sundar said…
Hi Deepa,
Yes in Tamilnadu we cook with cabbage often.I do make cabbage poriyal frequently but haven't made kootu. adding tomatoes to cabbage and cooking cabbage in pressure cooker is new to me. Will surely try this the next time and let u know.
jayshree said…
I make cabbage kootu but much different. This combo of cabbage & channa dal is new to me. Thnx
Foodie's Hope said…
I make cabbage dishes, but never made kootu, this is a must try!! Thank you!!
Priya said…
Nice recipe Deepa and seems to be easy and simple too.
Priya Baskaran said…
wow... simple and healthy dish.... will try soon:)
padma said…
Should the green chillies be chopped, slit or whole?
Vidhya said…
hai deepa ,
pls let me know abt how much water shud i add for the cabbage kootu.
The dish looks delicious. i wud like to try it.

Vidhya said…
hai deepa,
pls let me as to how much water i shud add for cabbage kootu.
Deepa Cooks said…
hi Vidhya,
Just add only 1/2 cup of water.

thanks for posting a comment.
Divya said…
"lazy cooks like me" hahha.Certainly
your blog doesnt say so. Thanks for the recipe. I dont like cabbage poriyal, I tried this out today turned out delicious thanks a lot
Smitha said…
Hi Deepa,

I want to try this recipe as my husband love varieties. But our son is allergic to coconut and he loves cabbage. I just want to ask one thing will it be tasty without coconut.

Thank you,
Bharathkumar said…
Hi Deepa,
Really good. It came out well for me. Thank You.
B.IYER said…
Great Deepa! Was fed up cooking cabbage the same way. I followed your instuctions n it came out wicked! Another tasty dish in my repertoire with ur help.Thanks.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…

It is my first time here. I just wanted to say hi!
syamala said…
Hi I was really fed up of making cabbage the same way, today I tried your style, it turned out to be really good and the best part was my husband who never eats cabbage also tried this. thanks for the receipe.. iam new to cooking and depend on ur blog for some traditional but tasty and quick dishes.

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