Friday, September 01, 2006

Idly & Fried Coconut Chutney

Every day begins with Idly or Dosai in Tamilnadu.In our house my mom used to make different varities of chutnies; one of the chutney is this fried coconut chutney. I consider myself a specialist in making the chutnies. My brother is crazy about the chutney that I make. When I went to vacation to Indian last April my brother made a special request to make this chutny. I thought I will share this simple yet very yummy chutney with you guys.

Ingredients for the Chutney:

1cup Grated Coconut
3 Green Chillies or dry chillies
1tbsp Channa Dal
1 Small onion
1 Small tomato
Small Ginger
4 Curry leaves
Salt for taste

For tempering/tadka/thalikka:

1tbsp Oil
1tsp Mustard seeds
1/2tsp Urad dal
3 Curry leaves


1. Pre-heat the oil thea kadai & put channa dal fry till gloden brown.Add the chopped onion,ginger & chillis fry for 7-8mts.

2. Now,put the tomato,curry leaves & salt & fry for 5mts & then grated coconut & fry the coconut for 5mts.

4. Grind the fry coconut & pour in a vessel.

5. Now pre-heat the oil in a same pan & splutter the mustard seed,urad dal & curry leaves & pour into the vessel.

6. Fried coconut chutney is ready you can serve with idle & dosai.

For Idly:

1. Soak 1 glass of rice & 1/4 to 1/2 cup of urad dal atleast for 4 hours & grind them in grinder.put salt to the batter & whip it & keep it for atleast 5-6 hours.

2. The batter rises in 4-5 hours.You can make idly using the Idly vessel.


Priya Bhaskaran said...

Deepa, totally new and different recipe--- will give a try :)

Menu Today said...

Hi Deepa,
This chutney is new to me. I will try it soon. Thanks for sharing.

Foodie's Hope said...

Hello Deepa, idli and chutney is mouthwatering! I will make it next week, let you know!! Thanks and give us more, okay :)

Anonymous said...
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Prema Sundar said...

Hi Deepa,
Fried coconut chutney is new to me too. will try it sometime...thanks for the recipe.

anjalisrk said...

hey i did try this out and it turned out gr8,but it dint look the color of urs..just a doubt ..was it normal channa dal or roasted channa dal(chutney dal)?Thanks.ur blog is really good!

Deepa Cooks said...

Hi Anjaliskr,

Thanks forblogging & making the chutney.

Its a normal channa dal but fried in oil.If u use very red tomato it will give a reddish colour.

Anonymous said...

hi, thanks for the great chutney..i was looking for something different than the usual chutneys i make and this turned out great. to the person who said she didnt get the right color - try frying the coconut sep and till it is brownish and dont use too much of tomato. i used tomato paste just a tsp.

Suma said...

Deepa, this sounds good so just gave it a try and must say its an instant hit!! ;-) Thanks for this recipe.

Pravin said...

nice one. check out my recipe...

santhyr said...

Hi Deepa
This is the best chutney ever. Thank you for sharing it. I tried this recipe when my in-laws visited us for our daughter's birthday. They were very... impressed by the awesome taste of this chutney. Thanks again.
Santhy Ramanathan

Subhadra said...

Hi Deepa
That was great putting this on blog. This happened to be one of my childhood favorites my granny used to make. I was craving for this chutney for quite a long time. Since i am pregnant this craving had increased quite a lot...!!!It never used to come out well when i make. Granny also not there to guide. Your post made it all correct. Thanks a lot!!!

Anonymous said...

Very nice and intrestingss story.

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