Sunday, September 10, 2006


sample of my hubby's photography

I was Tagged By Priya & Revathy.

Thanks to both of you.

Here I go with my meme -

I am thinking about
: Making Chappaties for dinner its already

I said
: "Change the channel to Sun TV"...I say this more often to my hubby

I want to : Do something thats tells me that, OK deepa! You are a special person

I wish : Go to India & stay with my family & Enjoy eating my mother's food & sleep well; simply take rest without any responsibility

I regret : I am tooooo far from my family

I hear : Advertisements in Sun TV

I am : I believe Iam a good Homemaker, good mother & in some remote way, good cook too.

I dance : With my 16 month old son

I sing : When I am happy & When I hear my favorite songs in TV

I cry : When I can't control my anger

I am not : Without my son & hubby they are everything to me

I am with my hands: full time my little naugty son,cooking & rest of the time in Internet.

I write : A big list when I go to India & bigger list while coming back.

I confuse : My hubby; sometime to take a good decision

I need : To control my anger and restlessness. I get tensed even for a small problem

I tag Vineela and Krithika.


Krithika said...

Thanks for tagging me Deepa. I did this meme sometime back.

Priya Baskaran said...

Deepa-- good to read about your meme!! So does your hubby changes to Sun Tv once you say!!!! It doesn't work for me at my home-- he watches what he likes once he is home:(

Prema Sundar said...

Hi Deepa,
Nice to know u thru ur meme..
The photography is wonderful.

Foodie's Hope said...

Good to read your MeMe, I got tagged too by Prema ,Sunday :D

I know you little better now, wish everybody put up their photos so I can put a face to the names! It will be fun :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Deepa,
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