Spinach Pakoda


It seems like summer has not quite yet there in Chicago area, at least till last week end.

Weekend was quite gloomy and my husband, as usual, nagged for some evening "theeni" to go with tea.

That's when I thought of this Spinach pakoda and masala tea. We had good time with tea, pakoda and sun tv.

Here is the recipe.


1 Cup Besan flour 1/2 Pack Spinach
2 Medium size Onions
1/2tsp Baking powder (or)Baking soda
Food color (if needed)
Oil for frying

  • Cut the spinach & onion in small pieces.
  • Fry both spinach & onion till they are half done (for 4-5 mts).

  • Now add the baking powder to the besan flour & add the fried spinach & onion.
  • Mix all the ingredients into a thick batter(paste).

  • Then,heat the oil in a thick kadai & when the oil is in medium heat put the batter into the oil using the teaspoon or by hand.
  • Fry till golden brown.
  • Spinach pokada is ready serve hot with tea or coffee.


Asha said…
Hi Deepa,long time no see!!:))
Snacks look great.Very comforting when it's cloudy day indeed.
We have the temp in upper 80s and very humid here!!
DEEPA said…
great snack item ....Will go great chai too ..thks for sharing
Richa said…
wow! pakoda and tea, a perfect combo :) looks yum!
i add onion & palak without sauteing though!
Suganya said…
Perfect combo!!

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